Life coaching Geneva

Life Coaching

There is many type of coaching: professional coaching, individual coaching.

Life coaching is a fast and efficient. Most of us can use some life improvement.

Educational Support

Educational support is for parents and children.

I offer guidance for school issues such as learning difficulties, social integration.

Are you a Highly sensitive person

  • You tend to see and hear things that others don’t.
  • You are sensitive to others mood.
  • Superficial conversation bored you terribly.
  • I need some alone time to recharge my batteries.
  • I have a great imagination and creativity.
  • I feel irritated by certain sound, or smells, or strong light.
  • I feel strong emotions with films, music, arts.
  • I react strongly to changes.
  • I am very demanding with my self.
  • I am easily aroused.
  • I tend to be often in my thoughts and forget the rest.
  • I try hard not to forget something or make a mistake.