Life coaching Geneva

Are you a Highly sensitive person

  • You tend to see and hear things that others don’t.
  • You are sensitive to others mood.
  • Superficial conversation bored you terribly.
  • I need some alone time to recharge my batteries.
  • I have a great imagination and creativity.
  • I feel irritated by certain sound, or smells, or strong light.
  • I feel strong emotions with films, music, arts.
  • I react strongly to changes.
  • I am very demanding with my self.
  • I am easily aroused.
  • I tend to be often in my thoughts and forget the rest.
  • I try hard not to forget something or make a mistake.

Life Coaching

There is many type of coaching: professional coaching, individual coaching.

Life coaching is a fast and efficient. Most of us can use some life improvement.


Codependency hurt many people. Codependent tend to forget themselves and always care for the well being of others. Codependent end up having an emotional fatigue from the lack of reciprocity. In therapy we can work on how you can gain your power back and feel serene.

Educational Support

Educational support is for parents and children.

I offer guidance for school issues such as learning difficulties, social integration.