Life coaching Geneva

Are you a Highly sensitive person

  • You tend to see and hear things that others don’t.
  • You are sensitive to others mood.
  • Superficial conversation bored you terribly.
  • I need some alone time to recharge my batteries.
  • I have a great imagination and creativity.
  • I feel irritated by certain sound, or smells, or strong light.
  • I feel strong emotions with films, music, arts.
  • I react strongly to changes.
  • I am very demanding with my self.
  • I am easily aroused.
  • I tend to be often in my thoughts and forget the rest.
  • I try hard not to forget something or make a mistake.Are you

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a fast and efficient method to improve yourself.

Coaching is useful for all relational issues.


Codependency hurt many people. Codependent tend to forget themselves and always care for the well being of others. Codependent end up having an emotional fatigue from the lack of reciprocity. In therapy we can work on how you can gain your power back and feel serene.


Stress post Traumatic

Not only the military suffers from PTSD but also the survivors, the Red Cross  person. A person that grew up in ta violent home will also suffer from PTSD which will generate toxic shame. If it s not properly cared for the negative symptoms can last years. I studied divers technics that can help to heal such as hypnoses and biofeedback.

If you suffer from PTSD or CPTSD complex-stress. post traumatic there are solutions.

You can heal.


Being an expat can be a challenge. You have to adapt to a whole different culture. Most of the time the expat forme a group if they are enough. The understand each other challenges . For those who have children can suffer to be far from their family.

Being expat can be a complet different experience regarding which city you end up. Geneva has been an international city for many centuries being in the heart of Europe. However Geneva is known to be one of the hardest city socially

Toxic Relationships

Narcissist personalities are very manipulative and they create toxic environment.

You can realize that you are in a toxic relationship at work or in your personal life.

Sometimes you cannot  leave as fast as you wish the situation.

We can explore together how you can protect your self.

If you are already in a burnout state, we will work together to help you get back to a more confortable and happier state of mine.

If you are in a relationship with children then we are going to explore how to protect cour children from the narcissist.

There are solutions

Educational Support

Educational support is for parents and children.

I offer guidance for school issues such as learning difficulties, social integration.



Through hypnose we can release old tramas and you can reconnect peacefully with your inner child.

With kindness and respect you can heal and grow.